101-year-old retired cop, lifelong Yankees fan, tours stadium

Fox 5 first reported about Nick Calabrese in May. At 101, he is the oldest living retired NYPD detective and was honored by the Detectives Endowment Association.

As a teenager, Nick was recruited by the Chicago Cubs minor league. But before he could make it to training in Florida, Pearl Harbor was attacked. Nick joined the Army and fought in the Pacific theater.

After wounding his leg and nearly losing his foot, Nick was honorably discharged with the Bronze Star medal and later joined the NYPD.

Raised in the Bronx, Nick is a lifelong Yankees fan. The Yankees saw the Fox 5 report and invited Nick to Yankee Stadium.

Nick got a tour of the stadium on Thursday and got to see all of the memorabilia. His favorite player is Babe Ruth, whom he saw play. On this day, Nick got to hold one of the Babe's bats in his hands.

Then before the Yankees-Tampa Bay Rays game, Nick even got to go out on the field to meet manager Aaron Boone and pose for pictures. It was a dream come true for an American hero. Thank you, Nick Calabrese, for your service to our city and country.

I found out about nick through retired NYPD Detective Bob Lappe, who volunteers at the Bronx nursing home where Nick lives. They've become friends.