100-year-old woman shares secret to long life: Chocolate!

She's full of life and 100 years old! Meet a formidable Texas woman who shares her secret for the fountain. Charlene Kimball from Silverado Cypresswood gives us a sneak peak at the fountain of youth--Chocolate!

FOX 26's Melissa Wilson caught up with her to celebrate her 100th birthday and to deliver a special surprise, thanks to the maker of her favorite candy bar.  "Would you like some chocolate?  Ohhh mercy, have you got some?" I might...Well, I hope!  I LOVE chocolate!" said Charlene.

Charlene was asked about her passion for chocolate, "You eat chocolate every day?  Just about, I love that stuff!" She has had a long, Christian life. She used to read the Bible every day, still attends church at Silverado Cypresswood, used to play the piano at church. She grew up in the town of Campbell, Texas, and part of her education came from big city and digging up worms in her backyard. 

Charlene has eaten chocolate at least 25-30 years--started with Reese's peanut butter cups, then Mr. Goodbars, 1 or 2 every day.  "That's all she'd eat---if left to her devices, that's all she'd eat."

When Charlene was surprised with a big gift of Mr. Goodbars from Hershey's, she was elated!  "How much does she mean to you?  A lot!"  "It has been a joy having  Mimi around--what a legacy she left!"  

Congratuations and Happy Birthday, Charlene!