10-year-old boy saves mom's life with 911 call

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Ten-year-old Hunter Bartl may be small but he's a big hero.

Villa Rica police say when his mother suffered a seizure, he saved her life with a 911 call that got his mother the help she desperately needed.

Hunter has watched his mother Mary Terry go through a lot in the last couple of years. He was 8 when she suffered a severe stroke in front of him and his older brother Mason. Last year, Mary had a seizure, but Mason was able to call for help and keep Hunter calm.

"So Hunter had been through it before but never gone through it alone. It has been my biggest fear since all of this happened. What if something went wrong and it was just me and Hunter," Terry told FOX 5's Portia Bruner from her Villa Rica home.

On Aug. 6, Mary found out exactly what would happen. She had another seizure and Mason was not at home.

"I fell off the bed onto the floor and Hunter heard the thump. That's when he picked up the phone and called 911," Terry said.

In the 911 call, Hunter was clearly anxious, but still managed to give the 911 operator the information she needed to help the family. He even explained his mother's medical history, described her location and told the operator that is mother was still "conscious and breathing."

Mary doesn't remember anything about the ordeal, but Villa Rica Police say Hunter handled the emergency call so well, the chief gave the fifth grader a special commendation at the following city council meeting.

"They even picked us up and made sure we could all get a ride to City Hall so I wouldn't miss it. I'm so very proud of him. And that operator and the police really went out of their way that day. They made Hunter feel calm and even let him ride to the hospital with me," Terry said.