10 infant deaths prompts warning to parents about Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play

Fisher-Price is warning parents about a popular baby-sleeper after reports of death when infants roll over in the product.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said at least 10 infants who used the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play have died since 2015 after rolling over from their back onto their stomach, or side, while unrestrained in the rocker.

The company said that all of the infants were three months or older, the age medical literature claims infants typically begin rollover behaviors. Because deaths continue to occur, the CPSC is recommending that parents discontinue using the product when their children are older than three months of age, or as soon as an infant exhibits rollover capabilities.  

Fisher-Price said customers were warned to stop using the product when infants are beginning to roll over, however, based on the death count, the company believes that some customers are still using the product past roll over-age without using the three-point harness restraint.

"CPSC and Fisher-Price remind consumers to create a safe sleep environment for infants, whether using a crib, bassinet, play yard, or inclined sleeper: Never add blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, or other items to the environment and always place infants to sleep on their backs," CPSC said on Friday.

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