North Carolina man brought to tears after $100,000 lottery win: 'It's a blessing'

A North Carolina man was brought to tears when he found out he won a lottery prize, and that was when his wife knew he wasn't joking. 

Darrell Seawell of Knightdale won $100,000 after playing the $5,000,000 Ultimate ticket. The game debuted in March and offers five $5 million top prizes and 15 $100,000 prizes. 

"I’m 69 years old and If you’ve never seen an old man cry, I cried," Seawell said in a news release from NC Education Lottery. "It’s a blessing."


Darrell Seawell and his wife. (Credit: NC Education Lottery)

He had no idea how much he had won until he arrived at lottery headquarters. He then called his wife, Evelyn. 

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"He likes to joke around a lot so when he first told me I said, ‘Stop playing,’" she added. "But then I heard him crying, and I knew he wasn’t joking."

After state and federal withholdings, the couple will take home $71,259. Seawell said he plans to put his money in the bank. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.