Stooping in NYC: Meet the couple behind the popular social media account linked to the trend

You know the saying, "One person’s trash is another person’s treasure."

Well, one Brooklynite lives by that saying, calling herself a professional at turning trash into home treasures. Abhilasha Sinha, is part-time musician and full-time treasure hunter. She has stooped 25 items in her apartment ranging from big furniture pieces to smaller décor items.

Stooping is a term that has become popular on social media. It’s when one person throws out an item and leaves on the street or their stoop for someone else to pick up before it goes to the trash.

Abhilasha, who has earned the title of "Super Stooper" has saved herself over $5,000 in home decor just from furnishing her home with items she’s stooped.

One Instagram account, @StoopingNYC has gained over 400,000 followers for posting all things available to be stooped in the five boroughs. The popular Instagram account relies on users' submissions and posting in real-time, multiple times a day.

Their identity was hidden until FOX 5 News was able to track them down for an on-camera interview. The husband and wife duo started the account as a fun hobby but it has now taken on a life of its own.

They like to refer to themselves as the Stooping King and Queen of NYC and have shared with us the best tips on stooping:

1. Follow @StoopingNYC and turn on your Instagram Notification for when the account posts 
2. Stooping activity picks up at the end of the month when people move out 
3. And check local trash pickup days as more people will leave items out

It’s a lot more than just finding great items on the streets of NYC. The stooping community has also played a role in keeping items out of our landfills and for that, we can be grateful for what they do.