Paul McCartney’s daughter discusses constant death rumors involving him

Mary McCartney, the daughter of The Beatles legend Paul McCartney, joined Good Day New York to address the constant death rumors involving her father.

Mary says one conspiracy theory involves the Abbey Road album cover, where Paul is seen being out of step with his bandmates and walking barefoot.

The theory states the white Volkswagen Beetle apparently has a number plate saying "28IF," suggesting Paul would have been 28 IF he had survived. Also, the four Beatles represent a funeral procession: George is the gravedigger, Paul is the corpse, Ringo is the congregation and John is the priest.

Another example involves the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" being played backward. One theory suggests the words "I buried Paul" are spoken by Lennon in the final section of the song.

Mary also discussed her new Disney+ documentary "If These Walls Could Sing" which drops Dec. 16. 

The documentary will take viewers through nine decades of the world’s most famous recording studio – London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Mary says the studio has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, a place her parents made seminal records.