New community center brings support and education to Lower East Side

Since 1996, the Lower East Side Girls Club has supported young women and youth of color throughout New York City by creating a safe space for youth to find their passions and empower them with knowledge, all while building up their self-esteem and community.

This past October they expanded their club by creating the Center for Wellbeing and Happiness. The goal is to transform self-care into community care by reaching those who need it most.

The center is open to everyone free of charge and offers things like mindfulness, movement, nutrition, workforce certifications and training, community radio arts and film, parenting and community support groups, early childhood education, wellness coaching, counseling, and more. The aim is to holistically address the full spectrum of the social determinants of health.

In a city where yoga classes can cost up to $32 a session their state-of-the-art facility brings luxury, the highest quality equipment, and chemically free building materials into their studio for community members to feel centered, relaxed, and reinvigorated.

CWBH was developed and designed in partnership with a pro bono, women-led team from the global architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

This grassroots community-based organization is reimagining what self-care looks like for a community that has for many years been overlooked in the health and wellness space.

They invite all community members to walk through the doors, interact with staff, learn about the various offerings, and enroll in programming.

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