Melissa Peterman hosts 'Person, Place, or Thing!'

Comedian and actress Melissa Peterman is bringing more game show fun to the FOX family, with: "Person, Place, or Thing!" The former "Reba" star is a self-proclaimed game show buff: 

"They’re my happy place! Even when you’re watching from home, I feel like I’m playing as well." 

Before taking on the hosting duties for "Person, Place, or Thing," Peterman got to hold a piece of game show magic: 

"The Match Game with Gene Rayburn – he had that skinny, skinny microphone. And I was shooting something on a studio lot, and someone came over and they knew my love of game shows… and somebody had it and brought it over, and I got to hold the skinny Match Game microphone… it was pretty cool."

Peterman breaks down the new game show "Person, Place, or Thing:"

"It’s basically a little spin on 20 Questions (the game). The contestants have to ask me "yes" or "no" questions, to narrow it down to get to the right answer. And we have a speed round – I just clues and they have to buzz in and guess. And in our final round, they have to guess a person, place and thing in 60 seconds." 

Contestants have a chance to win amazing trips, cruises and cash prizes… and even a Lobster Gram (lobsters delivered to your door)! 

Peterman is beloved for playing the hilarious Barbara Jean on the sitcom, "Reba." Reba McEntire wants to bring back the show… so it Peterman open to the idea?

"Yes I would love to do it. And I have talked to Reba. I was texting her yesterday about other stuff. But yes, we’ve talked about it. She’d really love to do it. We’d all really love to do it. We hope it’s in the cards. We’re not sure if it’s going to be in the cards, because it’s like "who owns the show… and what do they want to do with it?" But we’re all on board. I mean how much fun would that be? We’d love it. I’m on board!" 

You can watch Melissa Peterman host "Person, Place, or Thing" weeknights at 11 on My9.