Finding the perfect fragrance for you

Certified fragrance expert Travaulya Wallace believes fragrance is a way to show the world exactly who you are and how you're feeling -- and judging by her huge social media presence, a number of people agree. 

Wallace says she decided to interact with fragrance and make introducing new scents fun. Her posts often suggest specific scents, broken down into categories such as "for teens" or "nurses." As a trained jazz singer, Wallace taps into emotions, and it turns out the right fragrance can too. 

Wallace has unconventional ideas about fragrance. First, forget about finding one signature scent. She says don’t limit yourself -- there are just too many good ones out there. Second, feel free to layer your scents, spraying them in front and in the back of you.  

Wallace became a certified fragrance expert after passing a test given by the Fragrance Foundation of America. Her unique approach to helping her clients find what they love starts with a series of questions. She starts simple with things such as age and profession and then asks questions like, do you like spicy or bland food and do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? 

In the end, she says she chooses fragrances for clients based on their character and what they hope the scent conveys about them. Wallace gives free consultations, which can be in person or via zoom. 

You can find her on Instagram @travaluya and Tik Tok @travaulyawallace or log onto