How Digital Humans may change our lives - A.I.: ALL IN

FOX 5 NY meets Mia, a so-called digital human created by New Zealand company Soul Machines and looks at how artificial intelligence could change our lives even more in the future.

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Experts on NYC's future air quality

The thick, choking smoke hanging around New York City this week has many people wondering if things like this could be our new normal. FOX 5 New York's Sharon Crowley spoke with experts to find out if more air quality alerts will be in our future.

Wildfire haze health effects

Local hospitals say they're ready to handle any potential surge in cases of people with breathing problems due to the hazardous air caused by smoke from the Canadian wildfires.

New Yorkers deal with air quality issues

The air quality index, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency metric for air pollution, exceeded a staggering 400 at times in Syracuse, New York City and Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. A level of 50 or under is considered good; anything over 300 is considered “hazardous,” when even healthy people are advised to curtail outdoor physical activity.

Belmont Stakes prepares for race

The countdown to the 155th Belmont Stakes is underway, with officials hoping that air quality will have improved by the time the race starts on Saturday.

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