NJ Now: Issues impacting residents

In this episode of NJ Now, a look at some of the major issues impacting residents in the Garden State! Everything from education and the economy to energy and transportation! A few critics, advocates and lawmakers say the systems for each have been and continue to be broken, with many calling on Trenton to fix the problems! A recently launched non-profit is stepping forward to present bi-partisan solutions. Rosemary Becchi, founder and president of New Jersey Policy Institute talks about the efforts of the non-profit. Also, there are so many issues families and individuals are facing -- food insecurity, childcare, housing, healthcare, mental health support, and much more. Despite the number of support services available, New Jersey residents may not be aware of them, or even how to reach out. A statewide campaign is looking to resolve that. Melissa Acree, CEO of NJ 211, talks about the resources available. And, in the years since the pandemic, the traditional office work model has been completely restructured! Whether it is working from home or some form of hybrid, we have all entered a new world on how we get our jobs done! Now a company is looking to change that, by creating a new type of environment where everyone can flourish! Citi Medina, founder of Equal Space, talks about the unique model for office and community.

NJ Now: A look at the Primary Election results

In this episode of NJ Now, we take a look at the New Jersey Primary Election results that saw Congressman Andy Kim win the Democratic nomination for Senate after his lawsuit to abolish the party line on the ballot, and businessman Curtis Bashaw win the Republican nomination. This is as incumbent Senator Bob Menendez files to run as an independent while still on trial for corruption charges.

NJ Now: Substance abuse in the Garden State

In this episode of New Jersey Now, Angelo Valente, Executive Director of the Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey, talks about the issues of substance abuse throughout Garden State communities and the programs in place for assistance.

NJ Now: Mental health long-term impacts for kids

Mental health, safety, and even the long-term impacts for children when it comes to social media. What signs should parents be looking for, and what are the solutions to address an issue that is negatively affecting today’s youth! Dr. Tara Chalakani, CEO of Preferred Behavioral Health Group gives us some insight in this episode of NJ Now.

NJ Now: Almost time for the Primary Election

A little more than a month away from the Primary Election! For the Democrats, the ballot will look a lot different from previous elections after an appeals court upholds the ruling to abolish the line – the result of a lawsuit brought by Senate candidate Andy Kim! Also, the trial for Senator Bob Menendez is set to begin in only a couple of weeks. Republican Strategist Jeanette Hoffman, Democratic Strategist Brendan Gill, and Peter Woolley join us on this episode of NJ Now.

NJ Now: Challenges facing home healthcare workers

As home healthcare workers care for the sick and the elderly, many struggle to make a living wage, forcing them to look for supplemental work or leave the industry entirely for a higher-paying job. What impact can it have on home health care and what are the possible solutions! Nancy Fitterer, President and CEO of the Home Care and Hospice Association of New Jersey discusses the issue on this episode of NJ Now.

NJ Now: Experts weigh in on NJ's electoral future

In this episode of New Jersey Now, panelists including Assemblymember Shavonda Sumter, Political Strategist Jeanette Hoffman, Dan Cassino of the Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll, and Terrence McDonald of the New Jersey Monitor discuss how the lawsuit will impact the future of elections in the Garden State.

NJ Now: Making Hoboken a book sanctuary city

It has been a year since the subject of book banning became a major issue across the country. In the 2022–23 school year, the non-profit Pen America recorded over 3,000 instances of book bans in our public school classrooms and libraries. It has led the Hoboken City Council to unanimously approve a resolution to make Hoboken a book sanctuary city, the first in New Jersey. Jennie Pu, Director of Hoboken Public Library, discusses the latest in this episode of NJ Now.

NJ Now: Women empowerment

In this episode of NJ Now, we take a look at women's empowerment through making an impact on Newark's creative and economic community, while also shining a spotlight on some of the most important issues of today.

NJ Now: The pride of owning your own home

In this episode of New Jersey Now, we take a look at owning a home and how the reality is becoming harder for many, especially for first-time, low, and moderate-income homebuyers.

NJ Now: Opioid epidemic

On this episode of NJ Now, we take a look at the data showing how many Americans have lost their lives to the opioid epidemic.