World Series odds Game 2: The best bets on Braves vs. Astros

Who's ready to bet on Game 2 of the World Series?!

Hopefully, the answer to that question is "everyone reading this, and a whole lot of other people." Here's what you need to know about all the World Series odds for Game 2 between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros, from the lines to picks (with all odds via FOX Bet). 

OK, so yesterday went well for us, for the Braves and for everybody who bet them. A lot of high-fives and attaboys for everybody — all except for Charlie Morton, who somehow threw pitches after taking that shot off his leg. (Man, I still throw BP to the girls' fast-pitch teams that I coach; I took one to the leg from a 10-year-old years ago, and I had a golf ball in my leg in 10 minutes. I did finish the session, but that was the last time I did it without a screen!)

Thanks, Big Game Charlie, for giving us what you had to get here, and we know you would have got us over the K prop if that ball would have just gone by you into center field instead of your leg.

Now, we head to Game 2, where the Astros will hope to ride José Urquidy to a 1-1 series tie, while the Braves will send out Max Fried in their bid to claim the first two games of the 2021 World Series on the road.

To help you make the most of your wagers, the FOX Sports gambling team once again came to me with five questions about betting on the 2021 World Series. I was more than happy to oblige.

Here's what you need to know about the best bets and the most fun props on Game 2 of the World Series between the Braves and Astros.

1. Just as predicted (by you), the Braves took Game 1 despite a scary injury to starting pitcher Charlie Morton. So ... who you got in Game 2 and by how many runs?

Game 1 is in the books, and the Braves got us to the window. Today is another day and another opportunity.

You know how I feel about the Astros. I think a lot of people feel the same way.  But, like Tom told Sonny in the Godfather, "It's not personal, it's just business." The same goes for the book. Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa went 0-for-12 yesterday. I don't think they do that in Game 2. We might end up putting this play in the trash can after the game, but I think Houston hits today, especially those right-handers against Fried, and the Astros win a slugfest.

If you thought yesterday's game took a long time, settle in for this one. Astros win a high-scoring game. By how many though? I say every day, "Nobody knows squadoosh," and I include myself in that as well. If I get a hold of Biff's Almanac before the first pitch, I will let you know!

PICK: Astros to win outright (-118 at FOX Bet; bet $10 to win $18.50 total)

2. We took your advice before the series and bet on the Braves' World Series future because we thought they'd win Game 1. We're in a good spot with that plus-money ticket and Atlanta up 1-0. But ... what do we do now?!

OK, good! I am glad you listened and took the plus price with the Bra-vos for the series. At least somebody listens to me because as the only male living in the "Ocean of Estrogen" that is the Consig house, it is a big plus price over here that anyone hears a word I am saying. Just saying.

Anyway, what do you do for the series bet now? You take the Astros +135 and lock in a profit. For years, bag guys have done this, and they keep on coming back. 

Here's how that works. Say you spent $10 to win $22.50 total on Braves +125 on the Series. Now, you take the +135 with Houston for $10, which returns $23.50 total if the Astros win the Series. You have invested $20, and you are collecting either $22.50 or $23.50 no matter who wins! You have locked in over 10% profit without sweating the games anymore. That's a nice 10% return on your money in a day.

Scale that up, and look out! Wall Street, here we come!

PICK (if you bet the Braves to win the World Series before Game 1): Astros to win World Series (+135 at FOX Bet)

3. How much does the Morton injury affect the series moving forward? And how does that affect setting series lines when it happens? Is there a delay in posting the series price after Game 1 because of the injury? How do you factor that in?

I think the Morton injury is a bigger deal than the books do, as I would have made the series price a little lower. Who do the Braves throw now? How do you just replace your Game 1 starter in the World Series? I don't know, but I am not sure the Braves even know. You saw what happened to the Dodgers with Scherzer.

These are the types of debates that go on in the risk room when you are trying to determine the price and what to put up next. Some guys factor it in more than others. There is an old saying I heard from an old bookie years ago that I go to often in situations like this: "Opinions are like rear ends.  Everybody has one, and they all stink." (He didn't use that word, exactly, but this is a family column.)

Weigh it out yourself, of course. But as much as I want to see the Astros lose, I don't think they are done yet, and I think the Morton injury is a factor.

4. Let's get back to Game 2. We were on our way to cashing our Game 1 prop before the Morton injury. What's your favorite prop for Game 2?

I might be in the minority here, but I think the Astros are going to hit tonight. I mean, I think the Braves are, too, but I think Houston bounces back.

You can look at a couple of props tonight. The alternative total market is interesting. Over 9 is +105, but if you think 10 runs are going to be scored, play the over 9.5 at +125. Another one to look at is the Astros to get over 8.5 hits at +105 — but Fried is capable of being an ace and leaving us wondering why we did that after the game. If the Astros' Big Three each get a base knock, and one of them gets two, we should be OK going over there if the southpaws like Brantley and Alvarez stay hot.

And a flyer to consider at a nice price is one you have to scroll for, and it kind of crosses the streams if you know what I mean. But it's a fun bet and a big payoff: Carlos Correa and Ozzie Albies to each hit a HR is +1600. Everybody digs the long ball, and we will too if this one hits.

PICK: Over 9.5 runs scored by both teams combined (+125 at FOX Bet; bet $10 to win $22.50 total)

PICK: Astros OVER 8.5 hits (+105 at FOX Bet; bet $10 to win $20.50 total)

PICK: Carlos Correa and Ozzie Albies each to hit a HR (+1600 at FOX Bet; bet $10 to win $170 total)

5. Last but not least, betting on the "Race to 3" (and cashing with the Braves!) was a ton of fun in Game 1. Let's do it again — what's a fun bet for fans to make in Game 2?

So, the Race to 3 was a fun bet, and if you tailed, you got paid! And we didn't even have to wait long to get there. Thank you for all the shoutouts and messages for that, but, just know, they don't always get there like that.

Tonight, we are going to go all-in with these darn Astros and go to the winning margins: Houston to win by exactly 2 runs is +875, which is like calling your shot like Babe Ruth did back in the '30s. The price makes it worth a shot, but we can back it up with Houston by 3+ at +245 if you want more action and covering a blowout by the Astros.

If you play poker, sometimes you go all in, and you get "rivered." I just hope we make it to the flop with this one, but that's why they call it gambling. If Fried is a pair of pocket aces, we will tip our cap and come back in Game 3. Baseball, bruh!

PICK: Astros to win by exactly 2 runs (+875 at FOX Bet; bet $10 to win $97.50 total)

PICK: Astros to win by 3+ runs (+245 at FOX Bet; bet $10 to win $34.50 total)

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