Young entrepreneur creates concierge service in Newark

Carey Yee was a teenager in Jamaica when he felt like he could get more out of life while simultaneously making life easier for others.

"Coming up with a full-service concierge company for all the needs that I found became a task -- that I wanted to handle, such as my grocery shopping," Carey Yee said. "That was something that was difficult for me to do on my day to day."

So two years ago, the 28-year-old moved to New Jersey and fulfilled his dream of creating Finesse Concierge Services. Literally whatever you could possibly want, Carey hooks it up with his team of expert employees from tons of different industries.

Adeola Fashina, a client, uses Finesse for two services at her Newark apartment.

"I'm getting a manicure while my apartment is also getting clean," Adeola said. "This gives me the comfortability of being in my own home, being more trustworthy, and yes it's an additional fee but it makes me feel kind of like a celebrity."

While Adeola waits for the cleaners to finish up in her apartment and for her nails to dry, we went a few floors up to Alexis Rawlings' apartment. She just moved in and needs an interior decorator.

"I wanted to have something quick and done and easy and to collaborate with somebody that can get the job done quickly," Alexis said.

Carey screens all his workers with background checks and a careful look at their resumes. He takes 20 percent of the profit for each service. And while there is still a lot of growing to do, the young entrepreneur says he is living the American dream.

"That is what is rewarding for me," he said. "Just to see that I'm actually doing something that I've always wanted to do and to see that it's coming together so beautifully in the way that I actually envisioned."

Carey works full-time at a bank, but his ultimate goal is to have Finesse be his only gig. Until then, he'll keep pursuing that dream.

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