Yonkers detective shot: Video shows moment suspect fired on officers

Police have released new surveillance video that shows how a violent confrontation between police and several suspects unfolded that led to the shooting of a Yonkers police detective on April 20.

The video shows the suspect, 28-year-old Bryant Jackson, in a white hooded sweatshirt standing with two other men inside the 115 Family Deli. 

In the video, Jackson shows the other men that he has a gun inside his sweatshirt. 

Yonkers police officer shot, in critical condition; suspect killed

At that point, Detective Brian Menton and another detective entered the deli. Jackson is seen attempting to leave the deli, but Menton tries to stop him.

Police say that that's when Jackson fired a single shot, through his sweatshirt into Detective Menton's stomach. 

At that point, an FBI agent who was working with the detectives entered the deli and fired at Jackson, killing him.

Police officials say Jackson's gun likely jammed, preventing the incident from becoming any worse. 

Police say they released the video to show the actual events and what their intention was: to seize illegal guns.

Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, a friend of Detective Menton, said releasing the video was the right move and that Menton is strong, and he expects him to recover.