World Citizen: London, part 2

From castles to pre-Victorian townhouses to futuristic conceptual architecture: the skyline of London has been changing and changing fast. Both impressive and oppressive, the sight of a massive stone castle conjures memories of our childhood fairytales and our historical intrigue. These giant fortresses have been a part of London's history for a thousand years.

Today, with hundreds of new projects on the horizon, good ole'"Londontown" may look a bit different in the years to come. Fitz Henley talked to international architect Michael Sims Jr. about the recent building boom and the responsibilities architects have in a rapidly growing society.

Not many know a city like the ones closest to the pavement, the Skaters. Fitz got the lowdown from some of London's local skateboarders when he visited an East End Skate shop. Owner Bryce Campbell brought Fitz up to speed on local affairs over the last decade and where the city may be heading now in spite of recent events in the country's political landscape.