World Citizen: Hamburg

About 200 miles north of Berlin, resting on the banks of the Elbe River, is the port city of Hamburg. Dating back to Medieval Times, Hamburg is now the second-largest city in Germany and has become an epicenter of trade and commerce in a country that is already on the rise.

Sometimes overshadowed by the capital Berlin, Hamburg has no shortage of creatives and trendsetters.

I met with one of these trendsetters in a trendy neighborhood where she owns woman's boutique with enormous potential. Anna Paul operates Paul & Piske, a clothing store that caters to very tall women. We talked about fashion and accessibility.

Then I went across town to meet with a fashion photographer who travels around the world in pursuit of two-wheel adventure. Carlos Fernandez Laser has been a professional fashion and lifestyle photographer in Hamburg for many years. But he told me his real passion is cycling. Part business and part pleasure, photographing motorcycle and bicycle riders is Carlos's life's work.

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