Women pay 77 cents on the dollar at Brooklyn bar

Chris Hynds paid the bartender $4 for his glass of Jameson and ginger ale at the Way Station in Brooklyn. His friend Sarah Lawrence bought the same quantity of the same drink from the same bartender at the same time for only $3.

Prospect Heights abides by the same set of rules as the rest of our society. But on this night the Way Station demanded a woman pay only 77 percent of what a man would, unless that woman paid in cash, in which case the bartender rounded her tab to the nearest dollar.

Way Station owner Andy Heidel conjured up this promotion when news broke this spring that women in this country earned on average only 77 percent of the average male salary. So from 4 p.m. Tuesday until 2 a.m. all female customers at this bar paid prices proportional to the nation's gender wage gap.

Andy got more customers than he could handle. They were excited to wait for a drink after waiting to arrive at his neighborhood bar from apartments far, far away.

As for our man Chris, still stuck watching his friend gulp down discounted drinks for which he would never qualify, he admitted no feelings of jealousy, inequality or outrage.

And for those unable to get a drink, stand the heat or find a safe place to stand, Andy convinced the bar across the street to offer the same deal, making this -- on this night -- perhaps the most affordable block to get drunk in all of New York City.