Women embracing a more natural look with less makeup

We live in a world where the beauty options are endless. Makeup in every shade, every color. How do you even decide?

"If you have kids, if you work, who has time—25, 30 minutes—to put on a whole face of makeup?" says Kathryn Weinberger, a beauty vlogger who posts videos to social media.

At her home in Yorktown Heights, Westchester, Weinberger creates videos that encourage women to cover their faces with the bare minimum. She says this trend is growing because women are asking more questions and are increasingly conscious of the ingredients they put on their skin.

"Fifty-two products and all this makeup. This is the other extreme, which is a softer," Weinberger says. "People are getting back to green products, more natural, eating healthier."

Recently, singer Christina Aguilera went bare-faced for the cover of Paper Magazine as a way to flaunt her raw beauty. This has pushed the trend even further.

"Always in a rush, not wanting to put a lot of chemicals on your face, in your body," Weinberger says.

As with all trends, Weinberger believes the natural beauty phase will come and go, but she says it is here for at least a good while longer. So if you're brave enough to go bare-faced, you're in good company!