Woman says she was spied on through baby monitor

A South Carolina woman claims a hacker used an app connected to their baby monitor via Wi-Fi to watch her breastfeed her newborn.

Jamie Summitt, 24, said she was in her newborn son’s bedroom when she noticed the baby camera start to rotate to the spot where she breastfeeds her son every day.

"Once the person watching realized I was not in bed, he panned back over to Noah asleep in his bassinet," Summitt wrote in a Facebook post.

Since the camera is controlled by an app, the new mom said she believes that someone compromised the device.

"My heart immediately sank into my stomach," she wrote, adding, "I feel so violated. This person has watched me day in and day out in the most personal and intimate moments between my son and I. I am supposed to be my sons protector and have failed miserably. I honestly don’t ever want to go back into my own bedroom."

She says she called police but they couldn't do anything.

"Once we tried to access the app after the incident it locked us out, leading us to believe whoever was on the other end could hear us and that we had figured out what was going on," Summitt said.

Summitt called the situation a "complete nightmare" and warned others to make sure their Wi-Fi and passwords are secure.

“I hesitated to share this for obvious reasons of how personal this is but I can’t imagine any of my friends having to go through this,” she said on Facebook.

Summitt says she contacted Amazon, where she purchased the camera and they provided a phone number for the manufacturer that was no longer in service.