Woman gets 1st degree burns from toilet seat after contractor visit

A lesson to look before you sit - especially after you have contractors working with chemicals in your bathroom.

That's what a Wayne woman wishes she did, before she took a potty break, sending her to the hospital.

"As soon as I sat down, that's when I felt something different," said Lucietta Miles.

Miles is still recovering from first degree burns on her bottom that had to be treated at the hospital, caused by white powdery chemicals coating her toilet and bathroom.

"I lifted the toilet seat, sat down, and urinated and I felt something and didn't know what it was," said Miles. "Excessive pain and a burn

She's lived at the Wayne Towers apartments on Sims for 6 years. In July, contractors hired by the apartment managers, came to reglaze her bathtub.

"The second guy, he didn't seem to know what he was doing," she said. "And poured it down the toilet, closed the toilet seat and didn't even flush it. The chemical was so powerful it wouldn't even flush down the toilet.

"The apartment was just overwhelming with the chemical smell."

For two months she's asked to move to a different unit. The residue on the vents, plants and walls won't go away.

"I'm not getting a response from management here at Wayne Towers in regards to either wipe my walls down and cleaning the carpet or giving me a unit transfer," Miles said.

Her sleep apnea has gotten worse. So has her love life.

"I'm having after-affects from the first degree burns," she said. "Because when I'm intimate, it feels like electrical currents."

FOX 2 has also reached out to management at Wayne Towers and are still waiting for a response.

"I contacted the news to bring it to the forefront because other people, seniors, might be victims," she said.

The white powdery residue has got Miles worried if she should remain in her apartment right now, but she has no other place to stay, and nowhere else to go.