Woman dodges swarm of flying ants at her home in UK

It’s not very unusual for there to be downpours of rain during the summer, especially in the United Kingdom. But what the U.K. Met Office picked up on its radar across southeastern England last week was not rain: It was a giant swarm of flying ants.

“During the summer, ants can take to the skies in a mass emergence, usually on warm, humid and windless days,” tweeted the Met Office.

As the season continued, more people are witnessing first-hand the shocking and skin-crawling phenomenon.

Rebecca Flynn uploaded a video on Twitter of her house in neighboring Ireland swarmed by black ants. In the clip, she can be heard screaming and dodging away from the flying insects as she inspects them with an impressed child.

“Yes, they give me the willies, but biodiversity is cool. Insects and birds are especially important to our ecosystem,” Flynn wrote in a tweet. “We should leave them be.”