Bronx hit-and-run leaves woman dead after she's struck by 2 cars

A simple walk across the street comes with great hesitation and concern in the Melrose section of the Bronx, just days after a woman was struck by two cars and killed Saturday evening in a hit-and-run crash.

"I'm always mindful of the street and the corner," Star, a mother of two small children told FOX 5 NY. "So, like, I teach her also even though we're on the corner right now, this is the most she's been on the corner. When we cross the street, we don’t stand on the corner, we got to move back."

They tend to stay back from what she describes as motorists gone mad flying through Melrose Ave day in and day out.

The scene Saturday evening after police said a 53-year-old woman was struck by an SUV and killed in the Bronx.

Surveillance video shows 53-year-old Lourdes Camilo taking what would be her final steps just outside of her apartment near Melrose Avenue and 157th St. around 7:15 p.m., moments before an unknown driver of a white Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV heading north struck her – and just kept going.

According to the NYPD, the impact alone threw the woman into the opposite lane of oncoming traffic, where she was hit again by a Jeep Wrangler.

Police said the second driver, however, remained on scene. Authorities pronounced Camilo dead following the incident. The gruesome scene has her neighbors still stunned.

"For that to happen, I'm surprised, but there are fast cars that come by here on the regular," said neighbor, Randolf Wright.

Police said the second driver remained on scene.

 Wright walks along the same crosswalk that Camilo lost her life.

"They just run past the light," Star added. "They don’t care if you're standing there. They don't care if you got kids. They don't honk their horn. They don’t stop."

Stats show drivers who get away during a hit-and-run are rarely caught and arrested.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case.

The NYPD reported an increase of drivers leaving the scene of a collision without reporting property damage or personal injury year over year.

In 2020, they reported 38 cases and made four arrests. In 2021, 44 cases and just one arrest while in 2022, they reported 47 cases and six arrests.

Police are still working on finalizing a report for 2023. So far, no arrests have been made in this case.