Will Madison Square Garden move?

"I'm looking to our public officials to do right by the public."

And by "do right," he means to convince or pressure James Dolan to move Madison Square Garden to Hudson Yards to make way for a new Penn Station, both underground and above on street level. Currently, MSG is taking up the space above ground.

Samuel Turvey is the Chairperson of ReThink Penn Station NYC.

"We think there should be a great transportation network housed there and we believe there should be a great above-ground station," Turvey says.

He wants an above-ground station similar to Moynihan Station across the street from MSG. And, what is Dolan's response?

"No. I'm not gonna move Madison Square Garden," Dolan.

Dolan was emphatic about that on FOX 5's Good Day New York recently.

"It's in a good place right now.  It's easy for everybody to get to and honestly we've invested billions of dollars into the building," Dolan said.

Dolan is asking the city to renew The Garden's special permit to operate in the city.  The current permit expires in July.

Mayor Adams likes MSG right where it is, but Turvey and some others want city council and state lawmakers to withhold the special permit unless Dolan agrees to relocate.

"I think people are just gonna have to keep impressing that on him and make him feel a little discomfort because he apparently doesn't shame easily.  I get it, but I think our elected officials are going to have to represent us," Turvey says.