What to buy and what to pass on in April

If you're looking for deals on winter clothes, you've probably missed the boat. And it is too early to get those Memorial Day sales. So what can you save on if you're shopping in April? This is a great month for friends and family discounts.

Bloomingdale's is happening this week, Bobbi Brown started Sunday, and Shopbop could be coming up any day now.

This is also a great time for gadgets and gizmos. Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge says every month has great buys. She loves April for tech accessories.

Bodge says a lot of new models shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January hit stores in April. You might see last year's model on sale, too.

Tech accessories were the most clicked items last April and iPads were the most popular tech purchase, according to Slick Deals.

This year A4C.com has deep discounts on chargers, headphones, and virtual reality headsets.

Bodge says April is also a great month to stock up on auto accessories like windshield wiper blades and motor oil, particularly on Amazon, so look for those if you need something for your car.

This month, Costco has $70 off Bridgestone tires. Ebay has everything from booster cables to floor mats at more than 70 percent off.

Another interesting thing for April: home and garden. Bodge says that as the seasons change, retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's know consumers are getting into their gardens, so things like weed killer and raised garden beds will be on sale. Both Home Depot and Lowe's are running Spring Black Friday Specials this week.

This is also a great time for toys and games.

GameStop is giving $20 off (or more) on popular video games from Zelda to Grand Theft Auto.

Toys "R" Us also has discounts on arts and crafts supplies like Play-Doh and Crayola.

Two things to avoid this month: mattresses and big appliances.

Unless you're going for one of the new mattress startups like Casper or Helix, Bodge says traditional department stores and mattress companies will do sales around Memorial Day. Also, big appliances also go on sale at the end of May.