What is 'sip and click'? When alcohol meets shopping

As we all gear up for the weekend, new data from e-commerce site Lyst shows a significant spike in women's online shopping late on Friday night (presumably after a drink or two) leading to a phenomenon called "sip and click."

In fact, Lyst experiences 48 percent more orders Saturday at 2 a.m. compared to Monday night. And, after 1 a.m., the value of each order goes up 40 percent versus that same time on a Monday night. The biggest sellers are lingerie, dresses, and shoes, shoes, shoes. 

If you want to avoid falling into the sip and click trap, experts say there are a few safeguards to prevent impulse shopping. Options include disabling those one-click buy buttons and not saving your credit card information on your favorite sites. And, if all else fails, just remember to keep the receipt.