Westchester's Astorino to veto 'sanctuary' bill

While U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that sanctuary cities make us less safe, local jurisdictions have challenged the notion across the country. Westchester County, New York, legislators voted 10-5 in favor of what is being called the Immigration Protection Act.

But County Executive Rob Astorino said he will veto the bill. He said the county is at risk of jeopardizing about $13 million in federal funding for public safety. He said local law enforcement agencies oppose the bill. The county executive's stance is firm. Legislators will have to find two more votes to override the veto.

Astorino said the bill would put officers and the community, including undocumented immigrants, at risk.

The New York Immigration Coalition's Charlotte Gossett Navarro said law enforcement in Westchester County should be focused on law enforcement in the county and not on federal immigration laws.