Watch: Rat crawls through South Florida school vending machine

A hungry rodent made a surprise appearance at a Delray Beach high school Wednesday.

Students captured video of the rodent rummaging around inside a vending machine.

Latoya Johnson’s 11th-grader recorded the video and posted it on social media. Since then, the school district has been responding to parents, assuring them it was an isolated incident.

"I was horrified, actually to see that at a public school, that this would go on," Johnson said.

Her daughter recorded the rat running across snacks inside a vending machine at Atlantic Community High School.

In the video - you can see the hungry rat climbing through the machine and coming in contact with the packaged food.

In a statement, the school district said the principal was made aware and the vending machine was locked so students couldn't use it.

The vending machine company was called and an emergency work order for an exterminator was placed.

Johnson says the principal reached out to her, letting her know what steps had been taken to remedy the rat problem.