Walgreens agrees to pay NY $500K to settle overcharging claims

(NEW YORK) Walgreens is paying $500,000 to settle the latest case of a company accused of duping New York consumers over prices.

The New York attorney general's office said Thursday that an undercover investigation found several cases where Walgreens used misleading advertising. It also accused the nation's largest drugstore chain of overcharging customers.

The state regulator said Walgreens charged different prices at the register for some products compared to figures that appeared in print ads or on store shelf tags. That included tags that remained up after the advertised price had expired.

Walgreens says it is making improvements in how it communicates in its stores and advertising.

Late last year, the grocer Whole Foods said it would pay New York City $500,000 to settle allegations that it overcharged customers for prepackaged foods.

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