Viral TikTok of Taylor Swift hugging little Arizona girl captures unforgettable memory

The video has been viewed millions of times.

Superstar Taylor Swift moved past her security to hug a little fan and pose for a picture.

That little girl and her family live in Surprise and are telling the sweet, unforgettable story.

It’s a moment the Rodriguez family remembers "all too well."

Taylor Swift ran up to six-year-old Natalie for a hug and a picture during a late night in New York City.

It all started with a family trip to the Big Apple.

"The whole trip was to take Natalie to see the Rockettes, and because she’s in dance, I figured that this would be the perfect time for her to watch professionals," Monica Rodriguez said.

While she was there, Natalie received quite a welcome.

"I ice-skated and met Taylor Swift," the little girl said.

Her brother Chris said it all happened by chance.

He and their mom recount the story, saying the family was walking down a New York street around midnight when something caught their eye.

"As I look around, and there are a handful of paparazzi, and I’m thinking, ‘I wonder who they’re waiting for?’" Monica said.

So they asked.

"One of them said, ‘Taylor Swift.’ I was like, ‘Yeah right, there would be a lot more paparazzi than just this many.' But I was like, ‘Just in case, let’s wait and see if that would be who was coming out of the restaurant,’" Natalie's mom said.

When they saw the Grammy-winning artist come out, they were "ready for it."

"My mom just asked her a couple of times, ‘Taylor, can we get a picture?’ Taylor is about to step into the vehicle, and she clocks my sister, sees her, and says, ‘Is that a child?’" Chris remembered.


Stills from Chris Rodriguez's video of his little sister Natalie meeting Taylor Swift in NYC.

The little swiftie was "enchanted" to meet the star who wrapped her in a hug.

"Her jacket was so soft," Natalie said.

Her brother says, "It’s been absolutely insane."

Chris posted the sweet interaction to his TikTok page, and within minutes, it exploded.

"My TikTok app actually crashed when I posted it. I thought something was wrong and was like, ‘What’s going on?’ I woke up to 1.5 million views. I was getting ready for work, and I checked my phone and was like, ‘Oh my God, this went insanely viral,’" Chris said.

Now, as Natalie "shakes it off" during her dance class dance routine, her heart is still spinning with the memory she will have forever.

Something the Rodriguez family will be forever grateful for.

"The whole thing was just so sweet and kind – to give my daughter a hug – it was just so sweet of her," Monica said. "I would say to Taylor, ‘Thank you.’"

Natalie will be performing in the 2023 Vrbo Fiesta Bowl Parade on Dec. 16.