Why is internet oodles for noodles? Behind the viral craze, feat. DIY ramen eatery in NYC

Too many noodles? That’s im-pasta-ble.

From mukbangs to spice challenges, instant noodles have taken over the world and the internet. 

Most notably, known as a dorm-room classic, ramen's affordability and convenience have been reason for the foods' popularity. 

Some also say that the growth of Korean pop culture in U.S. has also helped give the flour strings its fame. 

From videos of children crying with joy over packs of noodles, to classic "eat with me" videos--everyone seems to be oodles for noodles.

NYC Instant Noodle Factory

The Instant Noodle Factory in Queens takes advantage of the food's virality, allowing customers to cook whatever noodle-concoction their stomachs desire. 

FOX 5 NY's Stephanie Bertini goes inside the fuzzy make-your-own spot in Long Island City. 

The fast casual concept offers 90 different types of instant noodle packets, and 40 toppings to add.

Owners, Cierra Beck and Tat Lee opened the restaurant last summer to bring instant noodles to the city. 

"A lot of people come by for their daily lunch or, you know, we have a lot of school kids," Lee says. 

The idea came about organically when the two were dating. They said they would eat a lot of instant noodles together. 

Tat, originally from Hong Kong, had a lot of noodles he wanted to share with Cierra that could only be found overseas. Cierra says Tat's mom would send them noodles from China all the time. 

Here's how it works: 

The factory located on 41st Avenue in Queens is completely digital. 

When you walk in, there's a giant noodle wall offering a hefty selection of noodles to choose from. 

Make your pick from hard-to-find noodles from Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan or well-known classics sold in the U.S. 

After taking your pick, choose your toppings, including kimchi, corn, and various proteins.

Minutes later, a server comes by with boiling water and an induction cooktop. 

Then, simply watch your noodles cook in front of you. 

There are also combo options to choose from. 

Dishes average around $12.