Vinyl outsells CDs for the fist time in 35 years

While streaming is still king, for the first time in nearly 40 years—vinyl records have outsold Compact Discs.

"Obviously CD sales have dipped as CDs become outmoded by streaming services and there are fewer cars that can actually play CDs," Jason Lipshutz, the Senior Director of Music at Billboard. "And now we're looking at a whole new market of vinyl lovers who want to have the kind of listening experience of sitting down playing a record, flipping it halfway through, enjoying the sound quality, etc."

Vinyl record sales have actually been on the rise for 16 straight years—with an extra bump in demand during the pandemic.  

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"Even going beyond the pandemic—back to the 2010s. People want these vinyls as collectibles."

According to the Recording Industry Association of America—last year 41 millions albums were sold compared to 33 millions CDs.  

"There’s a lot of interest in collecting vinyls again—all generations period," says Jamal Alnasr the owner of the iconic Village Revival Records in Greenwich Village. "There’s something about vinyls—you’re buying the art."

Alnasr has owned Revival Records in Greenwich Village since 1994. He calls collecting records a passion that can easily become an addiction—and a really expensive one at that—but it’s money well spent for music lovers going back to the timeless format.

"So much music has been reissued—brought back to life—new artists own their vinyl," adds Alnasr. "Yes, I would say they’re here to stay for a long time."