Video: Teens assault father on Queens playground

The family of a Queens father is saying he was assaulted in front of his children by a group of teenagers.

The family of Anderson Bagatim says he still has bruises on his head following the attack.

According to Bagatim's daughter, Maria Guerra, Bagatim had brought his 4-year-old daughter and a cousin to Astoria Heights Playground on Wednesday.

They say an argument erupted between her father and another parkgoer over a turn on the swing set. 

"She grabs the swing and throws it at my dad," Guerra said. "That's when she gets on the phone and starts calling her brothers and saying they're going to come."

According to Guerra, shortly afterward a group of teenagers surrounded her father. Video captured by a witness shows the teens as they kicked Guerra's father multiple times on the ground. 

One person who intervened in the attack said that when he attempted to move one of the teens away from the assault, the teen pulled out a knife.

When the attack ended, several teens continued to linger and attack Bagatim, and police were called to the playground.

Investigators have released limited details about the case, saying a man was attacked by two other men and then fled the scene.

So far, no arrests have been made.