VIDEO: Cop rescues baby deer jammed in fence

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A police officer in Oregon saved a fawn that was stuck in a fence on Thursday. And the cop's body camera captured the entire heart-warming operation.

The point-of-view video shows Animal Welfare Officer Shawni McLaughlin of the Eugene Police Department approaching the terrified and injured deer. She puts on thick gloves and can be heard saying, "You're OK—we're going to get you out of here."

McLaughlin then covers the fawn's head with a towel and lifts its body out from in between the vertical slats of the fence.

The video shows the officer placing the fawn on the ground, removing the towel, and gently caressing its body.

"You're OK, it's OK," she says. "Can you walk, buddy?"

The fawn then suddenly scrambles onto its feet and bolts.