Veterans play with Rangers, Knicks legends

Sports teams like the Rangers and the Knicks often try and give back to veterans on Veterans Day but this year they did something like never before. And the experience won't soon be forgotten by anyone involved.

Friday night at the Knicks and Rangers training facility in Tarrytown, Westchester County, military members thought they were for a unique chance to play the games they love at the practice grounds of the pros. What they got, was a lot more than that.

Navy men and women from USS The Sullivans were only here for the weekend. The Florida-based crew quickly realized their pickup game would be the real deal—coached by Knicks legends Latrell Sprewell and Earl Monroe.

Meanwhile over on the ice, coaches and parents of the West Point Youth Hockey Organization were in for a surprise of their own. The moment they realized their game would be alongside Rangers veterans was priceless.

Ron Duguay and Tom Laidlaw were among six former Rangers to join the rosters, coached by Rangers greats.

And along with fun on this Veterans Day weekend, thankfulness and respect were the most obvious sentiments on display.