U.S. Coast Guard plans to remove massive buoy that washed ashore on New Smyrna Beach

The U.S. Coast Guard said it is working with New Smyrna Beach officials to remove a massive buoy that washed ashore at New Smyrna Beach on Friday.

The buoy, which could be compared to the size of an SUV, washed ashore from South Carolina and has been drawing big crowds. The U.S. Coast Guard says it has been missing since 2017. 

Large crowds came to New Smyrna Beach to see the buoy over the weekend. Many people took photos with it and one family told FOX 35 News that they traveled two hours to see it.


A spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard said they are working with New Smyrna Beach officials to remove the buoy this week. The city will bring in a crane or truck to move the buoy off the beach, but the exact timeline depends on several factors, including the weather. Crews have erected caution tape around the nearly seven-ton buoy and removed the light on it in the unlikely case that it floats back into the water.

Buoys are typically chained to a large concrete block in the ocean. Officials are not sure how this one got loose but say rusty chains could have caused it to break away. Once in possession, they will work to see if the buoy can be restored.