Two teens shot near Brooklyn high school

Damag Sufyan was working behind the cash register at a bodega in Sunset Park when he says a gunman walked up to the front door and shot two teenagers who were standing just inside it. 

"I was terrified," he recalled.

Police say the teenagers are both 18 and are both now in stable condition at the hospital.

The crime was caught on the store's security camera. The shooter, seen dressed in a hoodie, first looks around, he then points his arm straight out fires and runs. You can't see the teenagers he's aiming for because they are just out of frame inside the store. 

What you do see is people coming up the stairs from the subway hearing the gunfire and running away in fear. One woman even fell down the stairs as she rushed to get away from the gunfire. 

"I thought it was like fireworks at first," Sufyan continued.

The shooting happened about 2:30 p.m. at a very busy intersection in Sunset Park. Residents and people who work in this neighborhood are very concerned about this violence.

"It's scary man, it's scary. I'm walking through these stairs twice a day right past where it happened."

Police have a person of interest in custody.  

The shooting happening right across from a school on 4th Avenue and 36th Street in Sunset Park. The Department of Education told FOX 5 that students were briefly told to shelter in place. 

Meanwhile, Sufyan will be back at work, grateful to be alive since the shooting took place just steps from where he was working. 

"Thank God.  I was lucky for that. You just got to be lucky sometimes you got to look around you."