Trio of great white sharks spotted off of NY, NJ coasts

Charlotte, Martha, and Monomoy are on the move. 

The three great white sharks have decided to visit our neck of the woods, and are lurking in the Atlantic Ocean off of the Long Island Sound.

"We’ve been tracking these sharks for some time now. They’ve been down the southeastern part of the United States," said Chris Fischer, OCEARCH's founding chairman, and expedition leader.

The juvenile sharks arrived in our waters just a few days ago. 

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The smallest shark is Monomoy, which is 6 feet and 7 inches long. Martha is 7 feet long and 184 pounds, and Charlotte is 8 feet long, weighing 338 pounds. 

Fischer says these sightings are not unusual. 

"They are below North Carolina, the southeastern United States, the water is getting too warm down there for a white shark, they like cooler tempered water."

They migrate north swimming past NY and NJ. They often stay offshore, but they do stop to eat. 

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As for if beachgoers are at risk? Fischer says not at all. 

"It should be celebrated, great white sharks are returning to abundance, which means systems returning to abundance. There's more fish in the in the oceans generally speaking off the east coast of the United States than when our great-grandparents were alive," Fischer said. 

OCEARCH is tracking 70 great white sharks. According to Fischer, more Great White Sharks will likely move north in the coming weeks and urges beachgoers that if you see danger in the water, stay away.