Travel jacket crowdfunding campaign explodes

A travel jacket from Baubax is the most-funded clothing project in crowdfunding history with over $3 million pledged by over 18,000 backers. It aims to solve for some of the most common hassles encountered while traveling.

With 15 features, the Baubax jacket offers a pocket for everything from your iPad to, yes, your inflight drink, all at a special discount offered to the product's earliest believers.

With Baubax already achieving results more than 150 times their initial goal of $20,000, what is the key to achieving this kind of viral success?

"The most important thing is really novelty," says Tomorrow LLC CEO Jon Bond, an advertising and marketing expert. He says a successful product is about timing.

With over a month left, Baubax is on track to become one of the most funded Kickstarter campaigns ever.

Check out the campaign.