Travel agency loses business due to Trump's travel order

Saeed Hassan worries his travel agency could go under. 

"All these people had one question: if they're going, will they come back?" said Hassan, owner of Dawn Travels.

After President Trump's recent executive order restricting travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, Hassan is trying to keep his Midtown business afloat, since he mostly books trips to the Middle East and South Asia. 

"It wasn't until the last minute many of these people made the decision to travel and that was a great loss to us because we didn't know where we were standing," Hassan said. "A lot of these tickets are nonrefundable. A lot of these people have lost money, actually."

Even though the travel ban only targets certain countries and right now is on hold, many Muslim-Americans are frightened that no matter which country they travel to they may not be able to return. Mahmood Butt and his wife, Humaira, say Trump's orders are too unpredictable. They just canceled a trip to Pakistan.

"It made me feel very bad because I was visiting my mom," Butt said. "She got a cancer, she got a breast cancer, so that's the reason I was going to just take care of her."

For now, Hassan said all he can do is advertise more, but that means shelling out more money. He can only hope that the chaos he has experienced from the travel ban will end soon.