Tooth Fairy paying less to kids

Bad news kids, the "Tooth Fairy" is getting stingier.

The average monetary payout is down by 43 cents according to a national survey.

According to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the Tooth Fairy's average cash gift declined to $3.70 for a lost tooth. 

But, in homes that the "Tooth Fairy" visits, close to 2 in 5 parents share they give their child at least $5.00 or more.

The average payout for a first lost tooth at $4.96, representing $1.26 above the $3.70 average for subsequent teeth lost. 

Delta Dental has been gauging the Tooth Fairy's U.S. annual giving trends for more than two decades.

While the payout may be smaller than last year, it is significantly greater than the 1998 national average of $1.30, which equates to about $2.00 today with inflation.

The poll has typically served as a good indicator of the economy's overall direction, tracking with the movement of S&P 500 for 14 of the past 17 years.