Too soon to give Valentine's Day gifts?

The sweet smell of roses. The rich taste of chocolate. Lots of romance and maybe some awkward moments. I can only be talking about one day.

"Valentine's Day is just a strange and uncomfortable no matter who you are," one New Yorker walking on Lexington Avenue said. "It's a forced celebration for everyone."

"It's romantic," another said.

But if your relationship is still fresh, after how much time would it be appropriate to buy your sweetheart a Valentine's Day gift? Here are the different responses we got:

"If you are getting a gift for a woman, one day is enough. If it's a man, you have to give him at least six months before I could get him a gift."

"I don't think it's equated to time. It's more about how you feel."

"I would say a month."

"A week sometimes, maybe a day, you never know it just depends on the feeling, you will feel."

At Rosa Rosa on Lexington, we watched as employees steadfastly prepared orders for their busiest day of the year. And on East 60th Street, we met with dating coach Cher Gopman, who runs the company NYC Wingwoman.

"I think it's really nice just to do something special just to show them that you care and you're thinking about them," Gopman said. "I think the size of the gift on the other hand definitely does matter based on how long you've been dating."

Cher's biggest piece of advice is to communicate with whoever you've been dating to make sure you're on the same page. Also, don't put so much stress on the day. It only happens once a year—so try to just enjoy it.