TikToker who's never played organized basketball enters NBA Draft

This Thursday, Jordan Haber will be at the Barclay Center with the next class of incoming NBA players ready to make history. 

The only thing is when it comes to Haber, the draft-eligible 21-year-old isn't really a basketball player. 

He's never played organized basketball, not in college and not in high school. Haber did it on a dare from friends who said he couldn't get himself into the NBA Draft. 

"They always go, no, you can't do it. Come on, come on, just egg me on just a little bit." Haber told FOX 5 NY standing outside the NBA's offices in Midtown. 

The little push was enough. Haber started combing over the NBA's legal documents. Finding a loophole, he emailed the NBA with proof showing he met the criteria. 

Criteria which included being over 19 years old and having no remaining intercollegiate basketball eligibility. 

The NBA confirmed to FOX 5 NY Haber is in, also saying he will not be allowed in the green room at Barclay's Center where the big names in this year's draft will be hanging out Thursday night. 

A general view of the first round draft board during the 2022 NBA Draft at Barclays Center. (Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Nonetheless, Haber has been posting the play by play in his journey on Tic Tock and other social media, with this theme, he says "I want to show people that if you try something, work just a little bit harder than you usually do, then some incredible thing could happen."