TikTok video of fan at Zach Bryan concert goes viral, amassing over 10 million views

Lucas Mason, 17, wrote on a sign that was taken from him by security ahead of the Zach Bryan concert earlier this week. (Lucas Mason)

During a Zach Bryan concert earlier this week, one fan enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when the country music star invited him on stage to sing.

The concert at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada on Monday drew tens of thousands of country music fans.

"Before the concert, I was hoping to get on stage with him," Lucas Mason, 17, a local of St. Catharines, Ontario, told Fox News Digital. "I made a sign that said, "Darien Lake 2022, Lake Gardens 2023, can I play Heading South with you at Scotiabank 2024?"

Mason’s sign was hinting to Bryan that he had previously attended the "I Remember Everything" singer’s concerts and was vying for a chance to be invited on stage this time around. However, Mason’s sign was taken from him by security when he entered the venue. He believed the likelihood of a stage presence in front of thousands was now slim to none.


Despite his setback, Mason got creative once again and purchased a Bryan t-shirt at the venue. He removed his own white shirt and wrote a new message to Bryan which read, "Can I play Heading South??"

"I ruined the shirt, but it was really worth it," Mason said. "I was really trying to manifest it and tell myself that it was going to happen."

In the pit, Mason developed quick relationships with other concertgoers nearby in hopes that Bryan would notice a commotion.

"When I was in the pit, I was talking to everybody there," he said. "Everyone was really kind, and I’m like ‘Hey, guys, I’m really trying to get on stage. Can you help me out and point your flashlights at me?’"

And so the pit crowd did.

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Lucas Mason and Zach Bryan sang "Heading South" together during the star's Toronto show earlier this week. (Lucas Mason)

A video posted to the TikTok account @greatamericanbarscene showed the moment Bryan invited Mason on stage. It went viral and has garnered over 10 million views.

"Right before he sang the first verse, he noticed everyone yelling and pointing," Mason said. Bryan questioned whether Mason truly knew the lyrics to the original hit that is credited with kick-starting Bryan’s own country music success.

"I said, ‘I swear to God, I swear to God,’" Mason said.

After Mason hopped off the stage, he said everything felt like a blur.

"Walking out was insane," he said. "I was walking out of Scotiabank with a huge guitar, so everyone recognized me." 

And the train ride home was no different. "Everyone was chanting, ‘Play your guitar,’" Mason said. "So, I played ‘Something in the Orange,’ ‘cause he didn’t play that, and I also played ’Revival' again."

Mason began guitar lessons around five years ago and only recently took up vocal lessons with a coach. He plays small gigs of around 50 audience members, which he feels is an exciting number of people. He hopes to release a single or an EP of his own original music sometime in the next few weeks.

"I haven’t spoken to him since," Mason said of Bryan. "I wish."

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