TikTok and Instagram food blogger Danielle Brown creates vegan dishes

Danielle Brown is one of social media's most followed vegan creators and has experienced incredible growth in a matter of months. 

Coined the ‘nonjudgmental vegan,’ Danielle shares easy, delicious, trendy plant-based recipes as well as meal ideas for any occasion and anyone who is even a little plant curious on Instagram and TikTok.

Not only has Danielle created an approachable bridge to veganism, but she has also created a community that supports one another no matter where they are on their plant-based journey.

Danielle, who has been a vegan since freshman year in college, says she wants to show people that it's easy to make delicious vegan food.

During her appearance on Good Day New York, she shared the recipe for her signature vegan pasta salad.

The secret ingredient: plant-based yogurt.

She can be found online @healthygirlkitchen