Thomas Edison HS in Queens equips students for the future with life skills

Problem-solving, teamwork, leadership – just a few of the life skills being taught at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High in Queens.

The school has a 95% attendance rate and a 94% graduation rate. Serious young minds, prepping for the real world. 

Around since 1958, it is as unique as it's curved hallways. The curved architecture of the building has always stood out, just like its students. You could say circles are a theme at Edison.

More about Principal Moses Ojeda

Moses Ojeda graduated in 1993. In a full circle move, he's now back as principal. Originally at Edison to study machine repair, he was inspired to be an educator by one of his favorite teachers, Alexander Bell.

Now, Ojeda is inspiring others. In 14 years, Ojeda went from teacher to principal, making critical changes along the way. He wanted his students to have stellar communication and technical skills. 

He also brought in professionals to critique the school's programs in order to help them make needed updates. 

Dr. Josephine Van-Ess, the superintendent of Queens South High Schools, calls Ojeda a master principal who nurtures and gives his students what they need to persevere. 

At Edison, students immerse themselves in 12 innovative programs, focusing on everything from electrical installation to computer repair. 

Sadia Riya is a soft-spoken go-getter who's heading to John Jay in the fall. She credits Edison with giving her the tools to build a successful career.  

A family atmosphere 

But principal Ojeda says he's most proud of one thing – the family atmosphere of the school. 

Part of the family, Danielle Ragavanis, who teaches design thinking – how to identify a problem, come up with a solution, then test and implement it.  

It's a lesson her students took to heart when they used the school's 3D printers to create wooden paddles to play ping pong during their downtime.

Edison also has a digital communications program. Students take videos and photos, some are even used to enhance lesson plans. 

Nicholas Triboldan plans on attending New York Tech for engineering, but calls photography his real passion. 

Philip Baker has taught for 15 years as a design leader. One of his favorite programs is "shop in a box", a partnership with the Africa America Institute. 

‘The Escape Room’

One of Edison's newest and most edgy problem-solving areas is "The Escape Room."

Working as mentors, Edison students collaborated with elementary school kids to bring it to life.  

With Principal Moses Ojeda at the helm, students are soaring. That includes his 15-year-old daughter Alessandra, who wanted a great robotics program and soccer team and found both at Edison.

"There is no substitute for hard work", which is a famous Thomas Edison quote, a memo students clearly already got. 

At Edison High School, the leaders of tomorrow are preparing today. 

So the next time you're wondering what our future looks like, stop by Thomas Edison High School, and you'll see it in action.