'This heat is poetic': Florida man goes on hilarious rant about summer heat

It’s hot – even for Floridians.

Josh Pray, a native Floridian living in Naples, agrees, and gave a hilariously honest take about the triple-digit heat indexes in the Sunshine State – while also wondering what Floridians did to upset the sun.

“I apologize to you sun. I don’t know what we did to you,” he said. “I’m so weak.”

His rant was all recorded in a Facebook video, posted on his social media account. He told FOX 13 he was inspired to do the video because, well, it's "hot beyond belief."

“It’s Easy Baker oven-hot outside,” he described. “You know how you put a Jamaican patty in the microwave and it gets too hot? Every time I walk outside, I get crispier.”

Josh said the heat is “poetic” and could be something even written by “Dr. Seuss.”

“Hippity hoppity boop. The sun is hotter than anything in a chicken coop,” he said. 

Josh made sure to mention how hard air conditioners are running in his home, saying “my bill is going to be so high because I got it on 63.” 

A heat advisory was issued Wednesday for most of Tampa Bay. Heat indexes are forecasted to be as high as 110 degrees. 

"These aren't too common for us, given our high criteria locally," said FOX 13's meteorologist Tyler Eliasen. "I wouldn't recommend spending long periods of time outside today, if you can avoid it."

The full video by Josh Pray can be viewed below. Disclaimer: Some may find the content offensive.