The Snack: Gelso and Grand's Holy Cannoli

It's a cannoli so big, there can be only one name for it: "Holy Cannoli."

Cat Schimenti is a pastry chef at Gelso and Grand in Little Italy. She created this mega dessert. The flavors change seasonally. This time, it is a collaboration with Dough doughnuts. Cat showed us how she put her own twist on the classic Italian dessert.

Once Cat has the perfect shell, it's time to dip it in tempered white chocolate. The other side gets dunked in milk chocolate. Cat let me help out with the cocoa nib topping.

Next: a little mixing. The filling is mascarpone, yogurt, heavy cream, cream cheese, ricotta, powdered sugar, and vanilla bean. Then Cat mixes homemade cookie dough into the filling for one side of the cannoli and reduced coffee for the other side.

Then Cat fills the cannoli. She adds some fresh fudge garnish to the plate. The cannoli goes on top along with a cookie and a Dough doughnut.

And finally, Cat sticks in a sign that says "smash me" and places a small hammer on the plate to crack open the dessert.