The Perfect Fit: Casual looks for fall

The temperature is dropping, school is back in session, and that means a new casual wardrobe to get you through the fall. Details Magazine Fashion Director Matthew Marden breaks down casual dressing into a few go to looks, starting with a surprising choice: a suit, even for casual, because you can easily make a suit into several different outfits.

According to Marden, a suit offers flexibility, taking you from day to night, especially when paired with a fitted dark t-shirt and white canvas sneakers.

Next? An autumn staple: the knit. Sweaters add a great layer to an outfit, offering texture and warmth, but be sure to choose the right ones. Marden suggests wearing a cardigan "as a great alternative to a blazer," and, of course, a crew neck is always a good bet.

As you're looking for inspiration, head right for Hollywood. According to Marden, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, and Pharrell are all worthy icons. And as you take that celebrity inspiration and make it your own this fall, Marden sums up the most important rule of all: "The perfect casual outfit is all about fit. Make sure the pieces fit you and you'll look fantastic."