The Perfect Fit: Accessories for Men

Mark Twain once said that that "clothes make the man." But, in reality, the clothes are just the beginning. Once you put your outfit together, the finishing touch means everything, and Details magazine's Fashion Director Matthew Marden highlights a few go-to accessories to take any outfit to the next level.

The right pair of shades can make a great impression, just go for something unique. Marden advises choosing sunglasses with "color or texture" and, of course, make sure the frames fit your face.

The necktie has been a staple for hundreds of years, but there are many ways to tie one on! According to Marden, a woven tie can add some great texture to your outfit, and a pattern is best when it's classic. Finally, when it comes to coordinating with your lapel, be sure to keep everything in proportion.

As for the pocket square, Marden points out that this accessory can take the place of a tie and a white pocket square always does the trick.

Moving down to the belt, this is a great place to infuse some personality! Marden highlights belts that are woven or add a pop of color. And no, your belt does not need to match your shoes perfectly.

Speaking of shoes, Marden says quality footwear can be worth the investment, especially those that get better with age. And beyond the traditional shoes, Marden suggests dressing up the sneaker, but emphasizes that the sneaker that you wear with a suit is not the same sneaker that you should wear to the gym. To choose a sneaker for dressier occasions, Marden says find one that's "grounded in a neutral color."

And forget the man purse, because the right bag will get you through the day. First step? Rethink the backpack, because this style has evolved from the bag you once wore to school, and is now available in luxurious interpretations. If you need something more spacious, Marden says go for the tote, especially a leather one that will break in over time.

And no matter how you choose to accessorize, Marden encourages men to make the investment, and emphasizes that "it's the mix that makes it modern."